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Armadillo Tamarillo


Armadillo Tamarillo is the first book in The Fruit Tree Neighbourhood series. 

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This is the first book in The Fruit Tree Neighbourhood series. It is a children’s junior novel that is christian based.  It suits ages 7-11. My daughter loves it!

Armadillo Tamarillo.

Have fun and be amazed with Sophie and Berry, as they take on a challenge to make up a fun new snap-song! See how fast you can say it too!

Berry and Sophie are best friends who live next door to each other. They love fluffy animals, sparkles, lots of fun, and words that rhyme like strawberry and being merry. One day they discover an idea for writing a new snap-song, so they put their hope in God and ask Him to help! They begin creating a song, but little did they know it would be so much fun for their friends to sing and dance to as well.


Katie Katay loves to write inspiring children’s stories that are full of fun, sparkly moments and humour. She is the author of My Unruly Mop of Hair, Armadillo Tamarillo and Who Could We Be in the Bible.

This book has been illustrated by Mary Em.