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Hi everyone! Well I know it is a good week for us momma’s here in New Zealand. My girl FINALLY went back today, after 47 days at home! The only trip we had was to Auckland and Up North the week leading up to Christmas, so it was a long time doing not too much. But all in all we survived…now it is back to business!

This summer has been quiet on the shop front, I was certain that my daughter and I would make some jewellery for sure! But I think by early January I was like yeah right. I really need peace and quiet, and concentration, and I do not want to feel guilty with having my kid watching TV or the Tablet for too long!

So far on my first real day back, I have finally setup an ad on Google. I was actually super excited to have Glorious Co. as a shop on Google! I think every time I put my wee shop out there, like when I started using my own website, I was just so thrilled! I am starting to live my dream!

It’s also exciting to be running my Bible and Journal decorating classes again. The first one is next Tuesday. Five lovely ladies are coming along to see what tips and tricks I have to show all the ways you can make your bible shine! I particularly love all the watercolour paints I have to play with. In fact this week I have a few ideas to do some designs in my new huge NIV Illustrating Bible, that I treated myself for my Birthday and Christmas. It was a real splurge and I am trying to not feel guilty that I spent so much, but if it inspires my decorating and helps me to explore His Word even more, than I think it will be a great asset to my fairly large illustrating bible collection!

It’s a beautiful day here in sunny Christchurch. If you are local feel free to get in touch and pop over to see my shop items. I am so blessed to have my own shop and studio space here in our new home in Westlake. God has really favoured us with this gorgeous home and garden. I try to remember to thank Him for all my blessings and focus less on my failings! He loves me unconditionally and He loves you too!

Better go, I have decided to treat myself to a fun lunch. Oh and a large nana nap cos I have until 2pm when my hubby gets home! Oh joy the freedom! Simply delicious!

Blessings to you and yours xox