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Hiya everyone it is so exciting to be able to show you all my new website, I am beyond thrilled. It was a dream of mine over twenty years ago to have my own store (that was going to be a Recycled Boutique in New Plymouth.) I planned to have really great brands and in a beautiful store with wooden hangers even! So even at twenty I wanted to be a business owner of a retail store.

So after having my miracle baby Emily (three years, $14 000, one miscarriage and three embryo transfers later!) I started purchasing beads and charms from all over the world. Unfortunately I struggled with post natal depression, and to be honest being tired on the daily is not the ultimate feeling to have in order to be creative, so I put all those bracelet making plans on hold.

Since then my wee family has moved to Christchurch. I created my company Glorious Co. Ltd in November 2019 (yep I decided to go the official route because I am determined it will be a very successful company). I am abundantly blessed to have my own creative space, with an office area, my shop items on display, and my still mostly untouched bead and charm collection (but I do have plans, all in good time, setting up this shop and all the drama behind the scenes, plus getting this website up and going has taken all my time and energy).

So here I am today, on a Monday where I am pretty exhausted and have the dreaded lurgy again it seems, but I did some editing (which did my head in so will wait until I am awake without a sore head to continue!). I finally have an amazing accountant. I have run two Bible decorating classes with some success. They were really fun and I made some sales afterwards, which is the benefit of holding classes at my home in the first place. So there are four more to be booked before the end of the year. I thank God for all the amazing women that have really supported my business, ladies that I may never meet, but have been so encouraging in what has been discouraging times. But onwards and upwards!

Please check out my online store and if you have any ideas for something you would like to purchase please let me know!